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Telecommunications and IT Consulting Services

MegaTech Services provides consulting services in design, development and engineering of telecommunication systems and IT solutions.

MegaTech Services has the telecommunication consulting expertise you're looking for. At MegaTech Services, we view telecom investments as business decisions. Business objectives, such as cost reduction, productivity gains and customer service improvement should drive the investment process. We understand the short and long-term costs and benefits associated with different telecom alternatives, and can help you avoid critical mistakes in cost and quality.

Our consulting and management services save you time, money, confusion and aggravation in collecting and analyzing information, optimizing systems, evaluating alternatives, implementing changes and working with vendors. In fact, our clients typically reduce their telecom expenses by 5% to 35% or more. Our goal is to not only lower your costs, but work with your management team to increase productivity.

MegaTech Services has since 1999 delivered consulting and projects to established or startup operators, service providers and system integrators world-wide in Telecommunications space

Today, service providers are facing unprecedented challenges to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs with increasing industry consolidation, technology convergence and increasing competition.

In this competitive landscape, MegaTech Services is helping communication providers gain new agility in responding to change, with a communication practice that blends industry knowledge, targeted services, technology and functional expertise with a proven global delivery model.

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